Butterfly dog

Yang Butterfly dog owner must have sufficient free time can dominate, because this dog is a very beautiful small long-haired dogs Peugeot, need someone to constantly give management, such as its long ……Butterfly dog is a small, friendly, elegant toy dog, bone thin, lightweight action, beautiful and lively. The biggest difference with other species the shape of a butterfly in their ears.

Size: 8 to 11 inches shoulder height. Higher than 11 inches are flawed. Higher than 12 inches is a disqualification. Body length ratio is slightly greater than shoulder height. As the bones thin, so he is not a strong dog. Proportional to body weight and height.

Eyes: dark color, round, not prominent, medium size, with a vigilant eye. And only in the short-side corner of the eye in the same line. Black eyes.

Ears: erect or lop ears, big ears and sharp-eared than the round, both sides of the head after the relative * position. (1) to introduce legislation extending ear type ear oblique, resembles butterfly wings to fly wings. When alert, each ear is back to form with the head about 45 degrees position. Auricle should have sufficient strength to maintain the erection of the whole ear status. (2) lop-type, and we know as the general butterfly dogs, others are very similar, but the ears are drooping, and is completely down. Defects: small ears, too sharp tip, and ear bit too high; a part of the ear erect or drooping ears. Head: head small. Head width of the middle, in between the ears, slightly arched type. In tone, combined with the head position is very clear outline of the stop.

Tone: tone, exquisite, from the head down suddenly fine, very fine tip. Tone length (from tip of nose to the stop) is approximately equal to the entire head length (from nose to brain) 1 / 3. The nose is black, round, slightly flat top. Nose other than black is a serious flaw. Lips tight, thin and black. When the mouth closed when those who should not see the tongue. Bite scissor bite, overshot or undershot bite is a fault type.

Neck, Topline, Body:

Neck: Medium length.
Topline: Straight and level. Chest deep middle, well sprung ribs. Belly up close. Tail length, set on high, anti-ride in the back. Tail decorated with long flowing hair ornaments. Tail hair ornaments hanging on the sides of the body.


Defects: root of the tail is low; no anti-or short ride in the back.
Front reach: a clear outline of the shoulders, back at an angle does not affect the action. Forelimb fine, fine, but be very straight skeleton can be removed dewclaws. The feet are thin and long (rabbit paw), toe does not turn inward or outward.

Hind legs: proper development and proper perspective. Hind legs slender, small bones, from behind, legs parallel. Hock not to turn in or out. Hind claws if wolves must be removed. The feet are thin and long (rabbit paw), toe does not turn inward or outward.

Coat: wool-rich, long, fine, like silk, elegant, straight and flexible. Both sides of the back and body hair straight. Rich decoration chest length hair. Does not undercoat. Head, muzzle, front and hind limb from the feet to hock some of the hair tight and short and long ears with beautiful decorative edge of hair, which is a medium-long length, soft and smooth hair. Front legs are decorated with long hair back, to reduce ankle Department. This part of the hind leg to the hock was “riding breeches” (also known as the divided skirt) coverage. Feet shorter hair, but fine hair may cover the foot ornaments.

Colour: the color of the ideal added other colors are always white stripes. In the head, the color must be white than other colors outside of covering both ears, both positive and negative, and extends to the eyes, the middle can not be disconnected. Solid head start from the tip of the nose, face the middle of a white bar is preferred. Symmetric face design is important. Colored stripes on body size, location, shape and even the presence or absence is not important. As long as the eye socket, nose and lips of melanin sufficient, as there is no difference what color. Serious shortcomings in the following cases: In addition to a white color can not cover the other ear (positive and negative), or can not be extended from ear to eye. If the appearance does not affect the premise of the butterfly-shaped, white circle around the ears Xiang side or the other color spread a small amount of white hair, not serious flaws. Any all white dog or white dog is not a disqualification.

Gait: easy, fast, quiet, elegant, can not walk a rowing action, or buttocks rigid situation.
Temperament: Happy, alert and friendly, not timid, nor offensive.



Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin is a very nice enjoying the dogs and companion dogs. Smart, curious, active alert, air and full of rich emotion, loyalty to his master, for the fun family dog. Familiar and full of emotion like strangers or new situations on the reservation. Although the body is small, but infirmity, like with the master walking, hiking, mountain climbing and other outdoor activities.


General Appearance: well-proportioned body, cute face with oriental dogs. Action light and beautiful. Feathery tail often cocked, higher than the back, curled to the side of the body. Hair straight, rich, silky softness. Body square.


Size, Proportion: ideal height is 20.3 ~ 27.9 cm. Ratio – length and height are equal. Structure – Body robust, compact and exquisite. Weight and height and body structure of coordination.

Head: expression – intelligent, curious, alert and happy. Characterized by large heads, big eyes far apart, a short snout, coat and ear fullness evenly distributed in the face of the plaque. Eye – Eye share of open, large, round, dark, shiny. The inside of a small amount of white eye dog a little surprised to expression, which is characteristic of Japan Chung. Ear – ptosis, small, showed a V-shaped ears is lower than the skull’s dome Department of the Ministry. When the dog is alert, the ears stretched forward and downward. Ear hair fullness, so that the whole head look round. Skull – large, wide between the ears more round, but not arched. Prominent forehead, full. Viewed from the side, forehead and snout in the same vertical plane, the skull surface level, the two mutually perpendicular. Snout – short and wide, full cheeks, upper lip thick, cover the teeth. Nose – very short, nostrils, overturned. Middle of the eye in a horizontal line, and upturned nose. Black and white or black and white and has brown spots, black nose dogs; red and white of the dogs nose is black or character. Jaw – wide, lower jaw slightly prominent. Missing one or two teeth, or upper and lower teeth are not serious defects on the joint irregular. Japan Chung is very sensitive to the oral examination. If the dog does not meet the oral examination, the referee can ask dog owners introduce dog situation.


Neck, Topline, Body: Neck – Medium length, thick neck; neck and shoulder to connect close to the head high up, looking very proud. Topline – level. Torso – were square, his chest is wide, round ribs. Chest depth of the elbow. Last – root of the tail high, the back curly, decorative hair drooping to the side of the body.


Forequarters: legs straight, well developed bone, elbows close to your body; wolf claws can be removed. Feet are like rabbit feet, toes adult dogs are decorative hair. Straight ahead or slightly towards the outside.


Hindquarters: legs straight when viewed from behind, bone development is good. Right knee flexion. Wolf claws can be removed. Feet are like rabbit feet, toes adult dogs are decorative hair. Straight ahead.

Coat: rich, straight, filiform, flexible; neck, shoulder and chest of the coat thickness, forming collar wool. Tail is Maofeng Fu, into feather. The formation of a divided skirt like hip coat. Head and snout with short hair, long hair, but the ear. Long hair behind the front legs, hind legs of the coat-like formation of a divided skirt, adult dogs were attached to the foot joint with a long coat.


Colour: black and white can be, red and white or black and white mixed with brown spots. Brown or red spots can be distributed in the eye at the top, inner side of the ears, cheeks, and Wang black coat near the door area. Different shades of red, including red, orange, lemon, and dark brown (dark brown is the color and black mix). Mentioned above, the color is not good or bad. Pure black head with white snout ideal. Best symmetrical face patch. Physical patch size, shape, location, or quantity is not very important.


Gait: brisk, lively. Ipsilateral forelimb and hindlimb move forward along a straight line.


Temperament: sensitive, alert, is a very good partner. It is very familiar with the feelings of the people, but more distant strangers.